PTM EDV-Systeme GmbH – Your proficient partner for the reliable realisation of sophisticated IT-projects

The company
Since the founding of our business in 1998, our main office is located in Graz/Austria. Currently, we have two major business areas:

Our team
Our team consists of qualified, certified and highly-motivated employees who are constantly searching for new challenges and who are continuously developing further. We offer flexible and individual help, long-term experiences in diverse fields of application as well as specific IT knowledge regarding various technologies. We are a young and dynamic team, always trying to best possibly understand our customers’ requirements and to fulfil them with innovative and simple solutions.

Why to choose us as partner for the realisation of your IT projects
We accompany you as a reliable partner through all phases of your IT project, starting with the consulting, continuing with the development and finishing with the implementation of our customised software solutions and addons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We can provide you with all competences needed to realise your IT/CRM project and distinguish ourselves through long-term experiences, technical know how, reliability and flexibility. Our software solutions and services stand out due to their high quality and adaptability, making them durably deployable in various fields of application.

Our business areas in more detail

PTM EDV-Systeme GmbH
Since the founding of our business in 1998, we offer high-quality software solutions and services for the realisation of sophisticated IT projects and requirements. Our aim is to fulfil our customers’ requirements with the help of individual and innovative solutions that are optimally custom-built. At our customers’ desire, our specialists work in customer projects following customer demands. We also like to realise projects independently and on our own, delivering and implementing the finished solution at our customer’s site.
We are able to support customers in following fields of application, using our know how and our customised software solutions: software development, system migrations, interface problems between hardware and software, adaption of MS Dynamics CRM, etc.
We offer a one-stop shop for a holistic and competent project realisation due to our competences and long-term experiences in the following fields: consulting, development and implementation of IT solutions, project management, training, hotline service.

In 2004, we started to develop and support addons for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Our innovative addons close gaps existing in the standard CRM and extend it with useful functionalities. Our products hence allow a more efficient use of CRM within your company as they enable more fluent and quicker CRM processes and a better overview in and handling of the CRM system.

Our current product portfolio consists of following addons:
  • ActivityTools (simplified handling of activities via MS Outlook-like visualisation options)
  • AttachmentExtractor (saving of CRM storage space and indexing of contents/attachments of notes and emails)
  • AutoMerge (workflow-/dialog-based creation of complex documents including CRM-data)
  • DocumentsCorePack (simple creation of complex documents including CRM-data)
  • GroupCalendar (visualisation of activities of teams, user groups and resources)
  • PowerSearch (powerful search routine across multiple entities and fields)
  • RecordCounter (displaying of the number of related records and notes)
  • TelephoneIntegration (connection of CRM system with phone systems via TAPI, OCS, Lync, Skype)
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